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Black Septarian Sphere 70 mm.

VAT included

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Black Septarian sphere, 70 cm. diameter approx. Methacrylate foot included. UNIQUE PIECE, IS THE ONE THAT COMES OUT IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY.
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Septarian Sphere, black tone, 70 mm. of diameter approx.The septaria is a stone whose name comes from the Latin "septum", which means "partition", which refers to its structure, since it is formed by various elements. We could classify it as a rare type of calcite.Most septaria have a mixed color of yellow and brown in different shades. In this case we find a black septaria, a variety not as common as yellow.The septaria is stabilizing in cases of conflict, harmonizing emotions, enhances group communication. It corresponds to the root chakra.UNIQUE PIECE IS THE ONE THAT APPEARS IN THE IMAGE GLAZING THE METHACRYLATE FOOT FOR THE SPHERE.
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