We want your purchases in Yasmin to be of your liking, but we also want to give you loyalty points, which you can exchange for discounts on your next orders.

The way to get them and later use them is very simple:

Each product in the store is assigned a value in points.
When you make a purchase, you get a number of points based on the value of what you purchased in it. Those points will appear in your customer profile.
Each point has an equivalence in €. € 1 spent = 1 point = € 0.01
100 points = € 1 to discount in future purchases. The points are cumulative.

When you already have the points you want to use, validate them through the button that appears in your summary of points obtained.
Once validated, a code appears that you can use in a new order, and that discounts its value in € in it.
So you already know, collect points and get your discounts ... !!!