RENEW OR DIE ... It is a statement that we have all heard.

We are those who think that this premise must be fulfilled if or if, that we have to renew ourselves to feel that we are alive.

And this is what we have set out to do: Change the name of our store, but keeping everything that has worked so far.

We wanted a name that faithfully reflected how we see the store ... and searching, searching, we found: PALANTIR

And many of you will wonder ... And what is PALANTIR?

PALANTIR is a fictional "artifact", the idea of ​​the British writer J.R.R. Tolkien, (yes, the author of "The Lord of the Rings") shaped like a magic sphere, a vision stone, in which you can see distant places, even events that occur far from where you are. It also has the power to connect with other identical ones and thereby maintain communication with its carriers.

PALANTIR is, among other things, MAGIC and COMMUNICATION. And we want these two words to define our store, MAGIC because we want PALANTIR to be a magical place, where you can find what will help you feel better about yourself, to eliminate what disturbs or bothers you in your daily life, everything that, ultimately, will bring you positivity and well-being.

And as for COMMUNICATION, what are we going to tell you? Those of you who know us know that we greatly value communication with our clients and friends, and that is a characteristic that we want to maintain and enhance in this new stage, in which, of course, we have all of you.

We are waiting for you very soon in PALANTIR ESOTERIC SHOP